Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bob the Builder...? OK OK Baby Jude, Amy and Ollie @Diggersite East Coast

Bob the Builder...? OK OK Baby Jude, Amy and Ollie @Diggersite East Coast

OK East Coasters with kids, it is that time to don your hard hat, fluorescent jacket, jeans and boots. No I do not mean there is a Village People concert or fancy dress. What I mean is you have to take your kids down to Diggersite, where the futsal, prawn fish, Long Beach and Burger King is. It is absolutely superb for the kids - and oh yeah adults can have 'smaller' children sat on their laps as a great excuse to have a play too.

Baby Jude is well in to this. He collects diggers, trucks, bull-dozers like mad. He is nuts about them. So now as a 2 year old to actually drive one and dig stuff up, well what can I say he had 3 drives and nearly fell asleep with adrenalin sleep exhaustion. It was amazing.

Not too bad either folks $50 for 10 goes. Seriously the looks on the faces made that $50 spent more than worth while. Enough from me now - pictures paint a 1,000 words and all. What a GREAT afternoon. Thanks East Coast as always. Something new all the time. Love living here.

"I've ad me tea and bacon butty, hard hat on, fluorescent jacket on, bum crack visible, let's get some work on and knock those bottles over Dad", says baby Jude

Not sure of Amy is knocking over bottles or she si about to Knight someone. The Queen on her Throne.

Just managed to distract Jude for very short while to get a snap of his face. He really was so busy, with help from Ollie at this time, but...

"I think I can manage that, thanks...", said Baby Jude. And he did!

Actually Amy really did to grips with this. Might see her one day on National Geographic on Yukon Gold or something???

He's either having a poo, or really really concentrating at moving that sand. Money's for nothing but the.....

"I LOVE this Dad, can we get one for the condo please?", asks Baby Jude.

Just a little bit that way, not that much, back a little, down a bit, and; "Arise Sir Jude...".

What a TOP afternoon. I recommend it to all with family. And there is a cracking Thai restaurant next to it, and the Prawn fish place and of course the beach right behind it. Spoilt for choices right there. Great afternoon truly!!!

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