Monday, August 24, 2009

Bohol, Philippines

Here are some snaps of an amazing time me and the kids just had in Mary's home country, and in fact Mary's home island in her home country. After a pretty tortuous trip - involving me getting kids to bed at 8 then waking them at 2230 for a flight to Manilla then Bohol, they were sleepy/grumpy etc. I ended up standing for a 4 hour flight as I held Ollie's nodding head and the other arm was wrapped round the other seat to stop Amy rolling off. Oh dear. So no sleep for one whole night for that trip.

But when we got there Mary was there to meet us at the airport, and then we're off. What a beautiful country and what wonderful people. We had such a nice time. We got the opportunity to meet with Mary's family and kids, who all got on so so well with Ollie and Amy. Lovely to see that.

We did a lovely lunch in Tagbilaran, capital of Bohol. trike rides to and from hotel (like a tuk tuk), days tours to looks at chocolate hills, smallest monkey in world, butterfly gardens (yes Yuko I did get some photos that I will send to you), dolphin spotting etc etc. Just lovely!

We all had such a nice time and I hope Mary rested and enjoyed herself too with her family.

So above are some sample snaps and videos of the fun time we had. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being in them and taking them.

All our love Bri and the kids xxx

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